New project: Making a proposal

This new project is about creating our own brand, that has a social impact on the world. In the first class, we learned a lot about different brands and how they support a social cause.

I did some research about different brands that have a social impact to brainstorm and get more ideas. I found some really interesting companies.

This one is a hand-made jewelry brand, ‘Satya’ that donates to orphanages.screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-3-12-27-pm

‘Toms’ donates a pair of shoes or a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need for every purchase made.


‘Being Human’ the famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s foundation is a brand that helps the underprivileged in education and health care.


After looking at these and a lot more brands that support a social cause, I have thought of doing something different, something that is not necessarily in terms of donations(not that I don’t want my company to donate) but in terms of making people aware of something.

I have thought of an idea where i will have a brand that produces handbags and other cases(like laptop cases) which will have a message on it. I want to focus on local plants and their medicinal values or plants that are mentioned in the Qur’an along with the quotes which mention their goodness. For example look at the quote below:



I am thinking of having quotes like these on a handbag or a laptop case or even T-shirts which will impact people’s thought when they read it.

3480886-shopping-bag-design-floral-ornamenthtb16_amjfxxxxbtxxxxq6xxfxxxuScreen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.44.50 AM.png


What have I learned so far?

The first thing I learned in imaging was that images are divided into a number of different categories. Following that, we were introduced to subcategories index, icon and symbol which are further divided into poetic, pragmatic, persuasive. I have talked more about this in my previous posts. Overall, in the first three weeks, I learned way more information about images than I learned in my whole life.

In the next week, we focused on researching three countries that we chose. We addressed various topics such as population, religion, currency, the art scene etc. The topic of this research was ‘Here and There’. Here was about Qatar and there was about the three countries that we chose. In my previous post, I have talked about these countries in detail.

These are some illustrations that I found interesting:




I found this super interesting as one of my countries was Russia and these are a different interpretation of the babushka dolls.


In the next phase, we had to create our own project brief.

After looking at some books for ideas, we started thinking about we want to focus on. I had two ideas, the first one was about the babushka dolls. I thought of recreating them in a Qatari and Pakistani way as I wanted to consider both ‘here’ and ‘there’.

These were some images I found online for inspiration:



The world record of the largest number of babushka dolls.

I was very confused as to how many dolls I should make. My professor suggested 9 as each this was the original number of dolls. However, I found out that 10 was the actual number and so I thought I should make 10 dolls for each category.


The sado pattern found in many Qatari homes and gatherings.

The other idea was to represent Qatar’s upcoming railway system in a 2d illustration. I wanted to combine this with Russia’s Railway system, which is the longest one in the world. After talking to my professors, They suggested that I should go with the first idea of the Russian dolls as the as it was more interesting. The railway idea would be more complicated I think and wouldn’t be as much fun to make. So I chose the Russian dolls idea as that seemed more interesting.



Some things I have been working on:

Pakistani henna pattern
The local Sadu pattern
Local henna

As I am converging towards my final outcome, I realized I was too disorganized and needed a criteria to work on. I had to be independant and make my own rules of what I should do. I wasn’t sure how many I should make and what each doll would represent. So I wrote down all information that I think would help me create brief of what I am going to be doing.


I thought of making 100 hand sketches, which are divided into 10 different sets of dolls. I am thinking of having them all in different categories of the Qatari,  Pakistani and the Mauritius culture. However, I am not sure if I will be able to complete 100, for now, I am focusing on the main ones which are:


  • 10 henna patterns
  • 10 family members


  • 10 henna patterns
  • 10 family members
  • Common arabic phrases
  • monuments of Qatar from old to new: Fanar, Islamic museum, Katara, Burj Qatar, Tea kettle, The huge teddy bear, pearl near corniche, Sheraton, landmark in corniche-bid’a park and the water pots fountain.


  • 7  things about Mauritius:

– Flag, Traditional patterns, the dodo bird, famous temples, beach, festivals. I am planning to use these on the dolls.

  • img_20161011_114226487
    Planning about What information to put on the Mauritius dolls


    These are some ideas that I wrote to make my process more organized.


Next, I started creating more designs specifically, the henna designs inspired from the Pakistani traditional and the Khaleeji (Qatari) henna. My intention was to combine all my three countries in one product. At this point I was not sure about what my final outcome would be but, I was planning to have stickers as the final product.


To create my designs I had collected different sizes of microns and sharpies that I had. This would help me to create different line weights and depth in my designs.

After talking to the professors, I got an idea of having my final product as a washi tape which would be displayed in a long layout. I was looking forward to create my washi tape using the Russian dolls in the form of tradition Pakistani and the Khaleeji designs.


I watched a few doodling videos on youtube, where they used white pen to create designs on a black background. I loved this idea a lot and so went and  bought some white pens to try out this new method.

img_20161018_114556 img_20161018_135244

I really liked how it turned out because of the high contrast created by the white pen. After creating the drawings, I scanned them all and started laying with the color on Photoshop and Illustrator. This gave me a chance to improve my drawings and clean up any mistakes that might have been there.

I tried adding color, inverting the color from black on white to white on black and vice versa. I really liked how they all were turning out because they still had the handmade quality to it, which was my main intention since I began this project.


I started prototyping my design on the normal laser printer to check the colors. I finalized on one color maroon/dark pink on my designs and created the final version on one A1 document, which was then printed using the Epson printer in the printing studio.

img_20161025_093842   img_20161025_094218


I tried rolling a piece of extra paper to see how I could display it.

img_20161025_123203   img_20161025_123519

I displayed 5 strips on the display board and rolled one strip to show the product example.


I was proud of what I created especially because this project shows my style of working. I love doing henna design and so enjoyed every step of this project (except adding the color to be honest!) I am glad that my first project in imaging was my choice and I got to do what I really enjoyed doing!

Country Research



  • Island nation of Africa
  • located in the indian ocean
  • port louis – largest city
  • The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox.
  • 1.296 million population
Island of Mauritius
The marine habitat

Top 5 facts about Mauritius:

  • 1. Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa and the 17th most densely populated country in the world.
  • 2. Among all developing countries, Mauritius has the highest life expectancy at 73 years.
  • 3. The legendary dodo bird was found only in Mauritius before it became extinct.
  • 4. Despite its extinction, the dodo remains Mauritius’ national animal.
  • 5. While many countries consider it polite to receive gifts with both hands, Mauritians prefer to receive things with the right hand only.

    People of Mauritius
The Dodo bird




  • world’s largest nation
  • Famous for St Petersburg’s ballet companies
  • Baroque winter palace
  • 143.5 million population
  • Capital- Moscow
  • National Animal- Brown bear
Saint Petersburg’s ballet companies
Brown bear

Top 5 facts about Russia:

  • 1. World’s Longest Railway: The entire journey non-stop will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes to complete.
  • 2. World’s Largest McDonalds: The country is home to the largest McDonalds restaurant in the world. With 700 seats. A larger building, seating 1,500, was constructed for the 2012 Olympics in London, England but it was a temporary location and was dissembled six weeks after the doors opened (once the Olympics had come to an end).
  • 3. Women vs. Men: There are approximately 10 million more women in Russia than there are men. The imbalance was initially believed to the result of so many men dying during World War II.
  • 6. Largest Country by Area: Russia is the largest country in the world by area. It’s total area is 17,075,400 square kilometers and it covers more than a ninth of the Earth’s land area. 
  • 7. Home to Many Billionaires: Moscow has more



  • capital- Islamabad
  • population- 182.1 million
  • languages, urdu, pashto, hindi, Balochi
  • North Pakistan has a gorgeous mountainous location which includes – kashmir, Sawat, etc. this place is known for it natural beauty.

Top 5 facts about Pakistan:

  1.  Highest Mountain Ranges In The World
  2. Pakistan is home to some of the world’s highest mountain ranges. They include the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush range, in which four mountains out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world are located. K-2, the world’s second highest peak, is also located in Pakistan.
  3. Largest Ambulance Network in the World
  4. Edhi – largest ambulance network in the world
  5. One of the Largest Deserts In The World 
    The Thar Desert
    Mountain ranges of Pakistan


Image Catalog

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GPS navigation in smartphone

ancient pictogram tigereyes super imposed

What have I learned about images?

I have learned that they have a lot of different subcategories about which I had very less knowledge. I know how to classify each image into different categories such as photographs, illustrations, memes, type as image, patterns and pictograms. I have also learned their subcategories that is if the image is persuasive, poetic or pragmatic which their meaning.

Image Categories And Their Details


  1. super imposed
  • Quality-Realistic/Super imposed.
  • Content-Image of a street super imposed with a train.
  • Meaning- Artist Michael Hughes takes photos of souvenirs superimposed on the tourist attractions that they represent.


  • Persuasive-10%
  • Poetic-70%
  • Pragmatic-20%


  • Location-Tourist place, audience is everyone.
  • Era- 21st Century-2008. It references to the souvenir which might be a form of a major public transport in that place.
  • Value- To represent the place to show to the world.


  • Quality-Realistic Close-up.
  • Content-Close-up image of a tiger’s eye, with blurred sides to make the focus towards the eye.
  • Meaning-Displays a tiger’s strength in terms of its concentration, focus and an aggressive nature.
  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-30%
  • Pragmatic-70%
  • Location-From animal welfare organizations.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Used as reference to study the tiger eye, or for drawing.


3.ancient pictogram

  • Quality-Abstract/organic illustration
  • Content-Ancient writing in the form of pictographs.
  • Meaning-Communicates important information about crops and farm related things. This also includes tax information.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-50%
  • Pragmatic-50%


  • Location-Mesopotamia
  • Era- About 5000 years ago.
  • Value- A very important tool used for communicating.


GPS navigation in smartphone

  • Quality- GPS navigation
  • Content-map information that lets you navigate around.
  • Meaning-Used by everyone as an effective navigation tool.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-From animal welfare organizations.
  • Era- About 5000 years ago.
  • Value- A very important tool used for communicating.


5.polar bear painting

  • Quality-Hyper realistic painting.
  • Content-Illustration of a polar bear and its new born cubs on an iceberg.
  • Meaning-Shows the love of a mother, how she guards and protects her children.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-50%
  • Pragmatic-50%


  • Location- From a hyper realistic artist.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Shows contemporary interest in hyper-realism.

6.salvador dali

  • Quality-Abstract/Surrealism.
  • Content-A broken egg and its yolk used as an object that represents the sun.
  • Meaning-Has a dream-like or imaginary meaning which is open to different interpretations.  To me it gives a meaning of the egg as a symbol of birth or beginning, which can relate to a sunrise or beginning of the day.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-100%
  • Pragmatic-0%


  • Location- In a museum as part of Dali’s artwork.
  • Era- Early 20th century.
  • Value- Part of the surrealism movement.

Type As Image


  • Quality-Abstract
  • Content-Letters as living organisms that are being operated. they have flesh and bones that show this.
  • Meaning-Part of an exhibition called “The Evolution of Type”.Here, the letters are represented as living organisms that have lives, along with blood, flesh and bones.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-100%
  • Pragmatic-0%


  • Location-Exhibition.
  • Era- 21st century.
  • Value- Gives an impression of letters being important.


  • Quality-Real
  • Content-citrus fruits used as type to make the word juicy using 4 different fruits.
  • Meaning-Gives a refreshing feel because of the fruits used.


  • Persuasive-100%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-0%


  • Location-In a Restaurant or juice stall.
  • Era- 21st century.
  • Value- Advertising



  • Quality-Repeated linear patterns
  • Content-Arches inside a mosque.
  • Meaning-Displays the Islamic architecture.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-Madina, Saudi Arabia.
  • Era- Early 21st century.
  • Value- to beautify the mosques interior.


  • Quality-Organic illustration
  • Content-Repeated floral patterns.
  • Meaning-A pattern very commonly used in Indian henna designs.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-India
  • Era- Patterns like these are very old and where used from a long time in Indian and Arab culture
  • Value- Displays traditional touch of ancient indian designs.


  • Quality-Realistic/funny meme
  • Content-A baby’s expression where he is trying to smile while being sad or angry. The type on the image gives a meaning to it.
  • Meaning- A funny representation of how students or other people try to stay positive at work.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-Social media.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Entertainment


  • Quality- Real.
  • Content-Shows a cute cat with text saying what the cat is thinking.
  • Meaning-The straight forward expression of the cat goes perfectly with the text making the meme very true.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-Social Media.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Entertainment