Final Week:

This week was to add sounds and put everything together in premiere. I used premiere to edit my final video as it was more convenient to crop videos in this.

For the sounds, I thought of using bird sounds, using bird squeaks in high and low pitches for intense to more calmer expressions. I also took piano notes, for low to high and used them for the background sounds.

Final video:


This project was fun in terms of observing how different each niqabi is. Whether it is smiling or crying, emotions can be conveyed through our eyes and I believe it is a skill to be able to speak with your eyes 🙂 Adding sounds was one thing I enjoyed the least because of the fact that it gave a different meaning, one that I was not trying to convey in my video. I believe my video can speak for itself and adding sound is really an additional element, which makes it open to interpretation. I wanted to get away with using music because of the religious nature of the niqab and how the video might portray a wrong meaning, however, my choice to add music was purely for the sake of the class.


Week 3

This week I focused on aligning and editing all my photographs. The key to make it flow smoothly was to align it as perfectly as  possible. I did this using the opacity and aligning the pupil of the eyes. These were helpful in creating smoother transitions. I previously used the line at the center of the niqab as a guide that every image aligns on. However, this did not work and the images did not flow well.


Week 2

This week I photographed Niqabi’s and their expressions. I was struggling a bit with the different expressions I need to have and how to make it look harmonious. After class critique, I learned that the video was going too fast. Each expression should have sometime for the audience to look and observe. Now, they just looked like they were jumping around.

So, I thought of giving each expression one second and divided my video into 5 different niqabi and 6 different expressions for each niqabi.

Also, I noticed that the expressions were very evident in some people and in some they were all similar.

Project 004 | Interstitial Video

Week 1:

We were introduced to a new term ‘interstitial’ for this project. This is the time during events, when the speaker is done presenting and there is a gap between him and the next speaker, where there would be ads, visuals etc.

So the project is to design a 30 second video which captures a perspective.This perspective can be personal or public and should provide a view of something from my perspective.

After the first class, we, as a class decided to work on a series of short videos that would potentially tell a story. This would require planning and understanding how each video will link to another. A few ideas were to create the journey of a line, which would overtime change and form different phases of a person’s life. Another idea was to create a GIF of different styles and one GIF would have to flow into the next GIF, through one visual element. We watched an inspirational music video that used a similar style.

However, after meeting in a group, our ideas didn’t match and it was too complicated to create a series which flows well.

So I individually thought of creating something that I find interesting as a Niqabi. One of my biggest struggles is to express myself. Happiness, anger, sadness, annoyed, surprised and busy the main things that I thought need to be expressed on a normal day. From this thought, I build my project to be a combination of expressions of different niqabis and as a visual to show how each person expresses the above emotions.

I found this video similar to what I was thinking of doing for my project. The way the eye moves round, with the camera in one place, gives very interesting visuals. I want to take this style for my video and align and layer different expressions on top of each other.

My next step would be to photograph these expressions.

Week 3

This week, the zines were all due. My Final draft of the zine lacked imagery, although I made the highlight of my book my individual written piece. I created a poem about what i think about ketchup and all the ketchup-lovers out there. As I have mentioned earlier, as soon as I started researching for this project, i found that I wasn’t really a ketchup maniac. I collect ketchup packets and that’s it. I have ketchup with things that need to be eaten with ketchup. This poem is a reflection of what i think and expresses my thoughts.

My final draft had all the content in it and the layout was also finalized. However, I tend to focus so much on the artices, that I never considered the imagery that should go on it.

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I had the front and back covers as the empty ketchup sachet. My professors suggested me to play with the text on the front cover and actually name it the title of my zine.

They also suggested me add more color to the zine, change the title treatment for each of the article section and experiment with adding mustard or mayo.

Week 2 Continued…

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My second attempt was a little more explorative in terms of adding color and collaging pictures. We received feedback from three people about what’s not working and what we can change.

Person 1:

Latifa: She suggested that I should look at artists who work with ketchup. One artist she suggested for my inspiration was Andy Warhol. He had created work on heinz ketchup bottles in his style and and Latifa said I can arrange my ketchup sachets in a grid system. She also suggested scanning tissue and ketchup on it and using it as one of the images in my zine

My feedback on hers: I loved this idea and thought about all the mass production of ketchup sachets and my personal collection of them and I thought of incorporating this idea at the very end of my book, showing all my collection of ketchup packets in a grid system. However, I don’t enjoy the colors that Andy Warhol uses in his artwork and I would rather scan my collection of ketchup and use those for my zine. I also considered using the idea of scanning tissue with ketchup as a background image for one my pages

Person 2:

Maryam: She had a more similar thinking that I already had for my zine. She suggested me to scan ketchup on a tissue but this time with type on it as well.

My feedback on hers: I liked this creative idea but was not fond on putting ketchup on the type. I am more of neat/tidy person and I didn’t want to experiment with that. However, I did love the idea of scanning ketchup in layers and wanted to try it out.

Person 3:

Aaqifa: The one feedback she had for my zine was that I should remove the part about the Ketchup campaign against landmines because this wasn’t fitting in the vibe of my zine. It was too serious and that’s not the point of my zine.

My feedback: i agreed with her because I was in no way trying make my zine serious. So i decided to remove this part.