Day Before Final Installation

The last things we did were to cover up the cardboard—we gave the responsibility to Charlie as she had left earlier yesterday. We were not thinking of this initially. We were thinking of removing the cardboard and painting the concrete . However Charlie recognized a problem. The cardboard was actually supporting the concrete and the wood and was the reason why it was bit more stable. She said that if we removed the concrete, it would make the railing tilt and maybe even fall. So, to be on the safe side, she said we will leave the cardboard and she then covered it with modroc.

This was a great solution given by Charlie and it worked pretty well. The railing was still a little shaky if we put pressure on it. But, we were hoping that no one puts pressure on it.



We stuck the type on the floor and when we did this, we had several problems between our group. Not everyone was agreeing with each other. And were kind of were getting too frustrated at each other. After all this, working so hard and making a small mistake was not a big deal for me. The others also realized this and stopped focusing on what was wrong. That’s what I loved about the group so much. We all cooperated very well with each other and by doing that, we even came up with some solutions that solved the problem.

This is a design problem, were there are conflicts between people and  a good designer should know how to tackle this problem.


Type on the floor, not aligned and that was what created frustration among us, but, we made a line from the installation to the type to divide and make it clear who’s going on which path.



While Charlie did the modroc, me and Sarah made the loops in the rope. This required us measuring and estimating how big the rope should be and how big the loop should be. It was funny at point when we discovered that we didn’t have fat people in our class and said that Sarah was the fattest and so we just took her hands measurement and made the loops double the size so it would be easier and quicker for people to wear it.


Some cute moments by Charlie—enjoying the work!


Test Run

This was us trying out the experience
The completed installation.
Charlie and Sarah completing the journey of sacrificing. 

After the critique and experience by every one in our class, we loved seeing that people reacted in exactly the way we wanted them to. It was very cute to see them actually guiding their partners and suffering themselves to reach the end of the path. I remember Latifa saying that she felt like she was more worried about her partner Reham and making sure that she is on track rather than focusing on her path which was filled with legos.



Overall I think this installation was pretty successful and we had delivered the message that we wanted to through the experience. I felt very positive after listening to what everyone said about the installation and learning they went through.

I did realize some mistakes though, which we could have considered. The idea of wearing the ropes was not clear, and I had to tell them to wear it the right way. In this case, the type did not work very well. Also,some people started walking out of the path and did not experience the pain as much as others did. Also, people were not sure about when to remove their shoes. That was confusing and they all started wearing the slippers.

Other than that, I also heard one person saying they hate it and they don’t want to do it. That made me upset a little bit, but It was okay because I knew it was not comfortable to wear the blindfold.

Overall, I think our team did a great job on this and we all collaborated very well with each other. It was a great learning experience for me and I am sure i will always consider what I learned in this project.

In terms of deconstruction, we had redesigned the theme of sacrifice keeping in mind the anime and using their sound effects. Each element was represented in a way that relates to Baby and Me



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