Day 5

We finished gluing up the legos and with that the path with more legos was done. We moved on to do the next path and then considered how the second path will be laid out with legos. We were thinking about the idea of keeping the number of legos as the difficulties in the life of  the two brothers. We increased the legos on the end of the path of the harder one, to represent that the struggle became more intense as the elder brother understood his responsibility. For the easy path, we had one long lego base in the beginning, which shows the death of their mother and the fact that it was very hard for him at that young age to live without his mother. The elder brother had not understood his responsibility until a little later, which is when he started caring for his brother and sacrificing for him.

1up95   ilksy

Our next concern after we finished glueing the legos was to find a way by which we will make the rope pass through the railing. We were really concerned about the railing at this point as it was looking to be very unstable and could break at any time. This was a learning experience for us were, after we completing making the railing, we realized that it was not the right material to use and that now, we have to think of an alternative.


We all were thinking of various different ideas. One idea that we agreed with was of using pipes. Using pipes would give us a smooth surface were the rope can pass easily. However, we didn’t have enough time to buy pipes and find a place were we can get them. When we talked to Charlie next class, she said that she can get it made from a wood shop close to QF. We made a quick decision here and just went with her idea.


We all came in on Saturday to finish with the railing. This day was the day were i can say i learned the most in this whole project and even in the whole semester I can say.

Things that we accomplished were:

  • Vinyl cutting the type instructions for our installation
  • sanding the wood to make it smooth
  • drilling nails into the wood to connect the three pieces that Charlie had got made from the wood shop
  • painting the wood with colors from the anime
  •  drilling the wood again with the help of an MFA, who had experience in this and making it stable
  • making concrete to make a stable base

Firstly, we had no clue how vinyl cutting worked so we asked a junior to help us show how it works. We learned how to use the vinyl printer, how to cut them and how to stick them on the floor. It was pretty easy but something new to us. I was glad that we learned to do something that was required of us later in Graphic Design and we got to try it out.

20161203_113832   20161203_122847

Sanding the wood was a tiresome job that we did to make the surface smoother. it took a lot of time and effort and in the end we managed to make a good surface that we next drilled.

After sanding, we painted the wood. We looked for a scene in the movie which was very colorful. We found a scene of the sky and thought of using those colors on the wood. We really liked how it turned out as now our idea was clearer and everything seemed to be coming together harmoniously.



Drilling was a scary job. I had only done it once in my life and had no other experience whatsoever without another persons help. Thankfully, Charlie had some skills and we got her to do this part. However, we couldn’t manage find the right way to drill it inside so we asked an MFA student to help us. This was very helpful for us especially at a point were we were so close to the deadline.


After drilling and painting the wood we made it stand. This was our biggest concern–the fact that the wood will not be stable and we end in the same scenario as before when we made the modroc pipe and it was not stable. To our surprise, the wood was stable and standing perfectly except that it would fall if someone put weight on it. We were very concerned about this and again asked our friend from MFA. She gave a brilliant idea to add more weight. She taught us how to make concrete using sand and cement. Me and Aaqifa were working on this as the others had already left and we had to do it on that day because concrete takes 24 hours to dry completely.

We both managed to stay long on Saturday and finish this job. It was great learning to use a material like concrete which we can definitely use for our future projects.

To make the perfect base, we collected the paper boxes in the printer rooms and cut them into a rectangle were the wood can stand on. This was creative solution we learned again for our friend. We first used the normal cardboard box to mix the concrete but then realized that it saturated the box and started leaking. Sultana, our friend gave us a warning about not touching concrete as it can become hard and be dangerous. We used gloves for this but needed to come up with a better solution.  So I stuck the extra pieces of vinyl we used and used it as a waterproof base.


20161203_19413920161203_20004020161203_20054420161203_200559     20161203_20223020161203_202838     20161203_203533     20161203_205206

This process was very tiring as mixing the cement takes a lot of effort and time. we worked till night on Saturday and cleaned up so next day we could start sticking the vinyls.


I was thinking about the rope that we were going to use, we don’t have to make it go through the railing, we just had to have it there to make sure they connect with each other and one guides the other. I thought of just laying them on top of the railing and  not making it go through. Others agreed with my idea.

For the concrete, Sultana had later called and said that concrete pushes things up. So i had to run back and put weight on the wood.


I really found that group work was very motivational and stopped procrastination as we encouraged each other to work. For me, the fact that both of us decided to work, there was no procrastination and we worked continuously to complete the work. If we had not done the work this day, it would have so much more hectic the next day and we would be stresses out for sure. Also, learning about so many things in one project made me think that this project really helped us in terms of understanding graphic design as a wide and open platform where you are free to use whatever material you like. For me, this was the biggest difference I felt from other majors that I will have freedom of choosing different materials and get to learn about so many things.




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