Day 4

Reflections on Type:

Highlights from Project 01: Letters

  • Understood the letter forms as a shape rather than a letter.
  • looking at everyone’s work made me aware of mistakes that I didn’t come across while working individually. It also gave us an idea of what’s good and what’s bad.
  • Making iterations helped create great results as it helped get rid of the idea of sticking onto one thing. I learned that comparing the before and after versions of the same sketch made it easy for me to reflect on what I have learned and how I have improved. This was something I learned from my class mate when she printed both versions of her sketch.
  • Simplicity was the best thing to achieve, but you only achieve it after a process were you have worked on the same thing for hours, and their comes a moment of discovery which gives us an eye for works and what doesn’t.
  • When we combined everyones work and looked at it, we could create patterns made from connecting different works. I realized from this that we should not always look at something from the same perspective. Changing our view point and thinking of it in a different way can help broaden the scope for something.

Highlights from Project 02: Word

  • Finding the definitions of the words in Arabic and English did not make sense at first. It was work that was too tedious and became boring after doing a few. During the project, I realized how important the process of gathering the definitions was. One has various different synonyms and the same word in arabic also has different synonyms, that might not even match the English word. This was very helpful for me because my word was Adorable in Arabic which was translated to جميل, which meant attractive. So, for juxtaposition, I found using the idea of onions being repulsive in the sense that they have a strong smell and make you cry. However, it was also beautiful in a sense that the textures on the onion looked amazing on the poster with a wooden background which to me went perfectly well with the composition.   Through this process I found there is always room for discovery and finding answers with what you already have.

Highlights from Project 03: Sentence

  • Again, simplicity, and less is more was something I learned when I completed the project and never followed it during the project.
  • Informed decisions. Everything that you do should be well thought out and must have a reason. Otherwise, it will become a gimmick–something that is trying to be clever but not really, or it will be arbitrary.

Highlights from Project 04: Paragraph

  • Things I learned: Justification, rag, baseline grid, and Indesign features like glyphs, paragraph styles and character styles.
  • After doing the sentence project, I found it easier to do the paragraph as I knew all the rules. The learning experience for me was using Arabic and becoming aware of all the things you can do with it.
  • As I was using the Qur’an, I found some glyphs that Basma showed us which improved how my paragraph looked. The brackets used in the Qur’an after each verse to write the verse number are very stylized and I initially didn’t think of using them. However, when I was looking for glyphs to find stylized fonts, I found the decorative bracket and used it for my paragraph.
  • Choosing the citation language was a decision making that I had to do. I wanted people to know that it was from the Qur’an even if they couldn’t read Arabic. After asking a few people I decided to just stick to the Arabic as it did not feel right to change the language. To me, it made more sense using the original language it was in.

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