Day 4


In the Theory and Philosophy class, we watched a video in which Candy Chang an artist created this huge blackboard in her abandoned neighborhood. She had faced a big loss in her life, where she lost her mother. This was a big hurdle in her life and she wanted to spread her message across to everyone.  Her intention was to understand peoples thoughts and see how they react. It was a great success for her as many people had written on the board and in one day the entire board was filled.

I was inspired by this and thought we should have something like this in the end of our installation, which allows people to reflect on what they experienced. I thought of the place outside the MFA department which had a glass wall. This looked perfect for what I was talking about and so I thought of telling everyone else about the location.

black board.jpeg



Group Meeting 5:

We decided the location to be that place and soon after started dividing the work. We had to wait for someone from our group to buy legos so we started working on the railing idea.

We all decided to work in the dorms in mine and Aaqifa’s room, as it would be very messy doing it in the class room and we did not have a space to put our stuff. We thought of the materials we could use and the first thing that came in mind was using modroc. We had loads of modroc in our dorm which we had stored for future use.

The idea of the railing was mainly to divide the two paths and have ropes on top of them which the pair will wear when they are walking across. unadjustednonraw_thumb_a02

From the beginning, we were thinking of using things that we already have and not purchase anything new except the legos. So we looked for material that we already had. We collected a lot of small bottles in our dorm to storing water. We thought of using these bottles to make the railing. We connected them one by one with tape and used modroc to cover it up and make it strong.


And this had to happen, of course!


We were proud of what we made and now just had to wait for the next step of combing them together. This, we were thinking to do in VCU as it would be harder to take back if it was all connected. Meanwhile, we also cut the blindfolds which would be used for the one walking on the easy path. unadjustednonraw_thumb_a12

We planned out the arrangement of our installation. For this we had to go back to our location to figure out how everything will work. We realized that planning it out on paper and doing it in real life were completely different. We had to measure the whole area, figure out where people will be standing, were the instruction will go, how the railing will fit etc. The railing was a big problem at this point as we wanted it to curve so we can use a larger area. This did not work out because of the fact that it was simply a complicated task.


We did try using a metal wire and getting  a curved shape but it was a failure so we just left it. We decided to just use a straight path and no curves or bends. This made me think of the idea that less is more and that we should keep it simple. unadjustednonraw_thumb_a0a

Sarah bought the legos and found these puzzle mats and we thought it would be a good idea to have them as a base. Initially we were just thinking about having a lego path but now that we has a base, we could thinking of arranging the legos in different ways and can also glue them onto the path to keep them stable.


This was also perfect for idea of relating it to childhood and using the color palette which used pastel colors from the anime.


We also bought lego and started working on how to place them. The strategy we used was that we walked on the path, and kept the legos in places that the person would put their step, therefore each lego placed on the path was thought of and considered in terms being in the way of a person walking. We also made sure that the pieces looked ‘random’ and so flipped some pieces, glued a pile of legos together, made some towers out of lego etc.


The most amazing thing about our project that I loved the most was that we got to play with legos! this made us a little relaxed. Everyone who passed by were super excited to know what we were doing even asked if we were from painting and printmaking department. No one was thinking of this as  a graphic design project and to me that was surprising and I realized that what makes it a graphic design project is the fact that we are creating an experience for people which communicates something. The installations not just had a message but also involved the requirement of touching, seeing and listening to the everything that’s happening in the space.

I learned in class about Experiential Design, which we were designing in our installment. Everything in our project was meant to give an experience to people.



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