Day 3

Group Meeting 4

We had some new ideas in this meeting where we changed to a different way, moving away from our initial idea of the maze. Aaqifa brought up the idea of  using legos in our installation as it relates to childhood and and we were discussing about some ideas like using colored film to create beautiful reflections. Sarah suggested scratching the pieces of the colored film paper to show the pain and sacrifice done by the elder brother.

The reason behind this was that when we watched the anime, at every point we felt like it was heart breaking and very unfair to the elder brother. Aaqifa said that we could relate this idea to breaking glass, and have glass pieces stuck together and color them to give a reflection. We then discussed and decided that we can use plastic instead of the glass, hence we came to the idea of colored cling film. We had ideas for hanging things off of the ceiling so it reflects on the ground.



We selected this space as it was good for hanging things as it had a railing on the top. Also, there was a lot of empty spaces and so this was looking great.


We developed a sketch to combine everything that we talked about. This helped us know how much space we will need and  how the installation will look like.


I liked this idea because it was relating to one of my initial ideas which was about the rose, which is plucked from a plant, to beautify something else. This idea was similar because the plastic itself was going to be scratched and yet create beautiful reflections on the ground.

After talking to the professors, we again were told that this idea wasn’t working as good, we still had to improve it. The fact that the reflections were there, really made it more confusing and did not give a clear idea. Also, having the path rounded was not very clear. So they suggested that we can consider the struggle part of the sacrifice and can have just a path of legos , which is divided into two paths. The difference between that will be that one person will have more obstacles in his path and the other will be safe and wearing slippers. After meeting them we confirmed what we were doing and so finalized the idea and started thinking about the mechanics.


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