Day 1

Project 04: Paragraph

This project was going to be the opposite of the previous language I worked with. Our first task was to find paragraphs with a meaning that is opposite to the original word. My work was the Arabic of Adorable -جميل. It’s opposite is قبيح ie; ugly/ repulsive.

To find the paragraph was a challenge for me as I don’t understand Arabic. But thankfully, more than 50% of our class is Arabic speaking, so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem. However, I started to research on my own and decided I would ask after I have found something if it is correct. The first thing I did was to look up the word قبيح and find its synonyms. This gave me more options to work with when I am searching for the paragraph.


I thought the Quran would be a good place to start as I am more aware of it and I know I can find accurate translations of it to understand what I am reading.

I didn’t really find much from the Qur’an and so I searched for poems. I came across the Qatar University library and the Qatar National Library’s online resources which were in Arabic. They had a large section of poetry and I found three paragraphs that were repulsive in meaning.

The first one was about Palestine and how people there are suffering. This was more of a sad poem and was really not what I was looking for. The second one had a similar content but was more about bombing  and sacrifice, so it was repulsive. The third one was from the Qur’an where it talks about the punishment of the hellfire- which again was very repulsive.


Now, I have to work on type setting the paragraph the same way we did the sentences. But this time, I had more control over what I was doing, learning from the same process with the sentence.



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