Project 03: Deconstruction


Day 1:

This last project is about deconstruction. When we were first told about it, I was thinking that it would be about physically deconstructing something. But then, we were limited to movies, books and music albums. I was really confused at this point and didn’t know what we were supposed to do. When the professors explained the project, the said that if it is a book, then it can be the physical book, as well as the content of the book. They also told us that this was going to be an installation in a 3D space.

Some examples that we came across were themed restaurants, which used the idea of a particular theme and then created there visuals using the main concept.

I was thinking about which book or movie i should use and I got idea like the Qur’an or the animated movie Bilal. Qur’an was interesting to me because it had a lot of concepts and stories in it and I thought I will have a good place to start. To clear my doubt and to know if I can chose the Qur’an, I asked my professor and some friends. Professor told me that maybe I should focus on one chapter of the Quran and not the whole book. Others suggested and asked if I had a particular story that I wanted to focus on. So I said I was interested in the story of prophet Sulaiman. Latifa suggested that I can maybe find a book about prophet Sulaiman and so i can be more specific. This gave a me a good start and I had more ideas o consider now.

class notes

What next?

So, for next class we were asked to find one idea, and break down its elements based on the concepts in the movie.

After I went back home, I thought about the idea and looked for books. I wasn’t interesting books and so I decided to think of a movie instead. I looked for movies that were based on my initial idea of using stories from the Qur’an. There was a recent movie called ‘Bilal’ which was super interesting and I thought I should watch it and see if i can use it. However, later I realized that I will end up wasting a lot of time if I watch the whole movie. So i thought about movies I had already watched and really loved and understood the concept behind it.

My first idea was  The Jungle Book and I knew that this  movie had a lot of concepts and ideas which I can break down. So I looked up clips from the movie and started summarizing it.


Main Ideas of the movie:

  • Kid(mowglee) left alone in a jungle by his father, attacked and killed by the tiger.
  • Saved by a panther (bagheera) who gave the kid to a family of wolves who raised him.
  • trained to be like a wolf
  • danger of the tiger (shere khan) as he was against man
  • Mowglee grew up and was forced to leave the jungle to save his life from the tiger.
  • He stayed with the bear for some time as he was safe there and did not know how to return back to the land
  • he defeated the tiger with his skills

I did this step to help me recall all aspects of the movie and so I could efficiently break it down.

Concepts in the story:

  • Family/ attachment/bond/love
  • Seperation
  • Adventure
  • Protection
  • Risk of life
  • Safety/defense
  • Fear

I was happy with what I had and was excited for the next class to know what will be the next step. I was still not sure what deconstruction actually meant in terms of our project and hoped that my thoughts about this project would be clearer from next class.


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