Day 8: Final Signs

Finally I have reached the end of this project, even though I really wish I had more time. I improved all my illustrations for the final submission. The good news was, I had found resin through a friend who bought it for me from Colornote, a place close to her house. I was really surprised that she found it as I had asked for it everywhere and no one seemed to have it. It was too late though and I was thinking of creating the jelly fish as a post project technique which was something I learned through research.

Enter a caption




After printing the signs, I tried added some texture to the sign by using some hot glue on the top of the jelly fish. For me it worked, but I was not sure if should use them as the final signs. At the time of the final submission, I asked both my professors, they both liked the local sign as it had more contrast. Also, I noticed, there was a huge color difference between the epson printer and the laser printer. I ended up choosing the one with the better color and submitted my final signs.



Overall, I have learned a lot of things from this project and the main one being the trial and error, which meant the more I experimented, the more options I would have to work with. For me, It was also a matter of thinking about the material, and how I could photograph it. Experimentation was very important and I needed more time for that. I realized that the more time you have for something, the more possibilities you will create for yourself. This project was a lesson for me about being more consistent and experimental throughout the project. Risk taking was another factor that played an important role for me. In the last stage of my project, I decided to try out something that even though did not work, helped me understand a different possibility. Trying the hot glue was also a big risk for me as I did it at the last minute after my final signs had been printed. I hardly had time but I managed to finish it on time, however I don’t think the quality of the work was the best as it was a scanned version.

In the end, I am glad that I have created something different from my style and that I got to execute my idea through following the intent that I initially had.



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