Day 7


This is my final A3 sentence (landscape). I made it super simple, using an organic grid. I made the first line 2 points bigger than the rest, to give slight emphasis on it. To reach this composition, I had to go through so many trials, and did things that were not even needed. However, by doing them I learned that those are cliché, and something that is being done all the time in all the wrong places. As a designer, I have learned that everything we put on the page should be an informed decision and should have a reason. Otherwise, it will end up looking like all those type that is outside and is criticized all the time. The only reason to that is that people did not think about it that way when they created it. For us, as designers, everything is well thought out, refined and optically adjusted to look right on a page.

I believe, through research, looking at some of the things from the successful designers from the past, like The Bauhaus School Of Design has helped me understand that a good design is simple and really considered and well thought out.

organic, trial and error, refinement, research, optical adjustment, O-live, breathing space, intent, experimentation


This is the A4 composition (portrait). When I created this composition before, It was too bit too large for an A4 page and all I had to do is to reduce its size almost half as much which gave it more breathing space and made it look just right on the page. The space between the edge of the page and the beginning of the sentence is twice as much the height of the sentence. Also, the distance between the top of the page and the sentence was 10 times the height of the sentence. The alignment of the sentence is divided in 4 different breaks. I did this because I liked how the the overall composition looked with the 4 breaks and I also felt that the composition looked visually interesting.

Overall, I have learned a lot in this project, the two main things being: simplicity(less is more) and intent of creating something that is not too clever but in the end, an informed decision.




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