Day 5 and Day 6

Mondrian was a designer who used informed decisions and mathematically calculated vertical and horizontal lines on a canvas. His work from the 1930s involved the use of these lines and it was useful for me as a design student to get inspiration from his work.

He had done various versions of his lines using black, white, and primary colors. I looked at his arrangement of lines to try and get some ideas for my sentence.

img_20161108_235606    img_20161108_235713

I tried this one below, which used some similar use of lines. However, it was working very well for me because of the breaks of the sentences and how they world be read on a page. But it was an essential thing to know in terms of creating a perfectly aligned page using an organic grid which is what Mondrian used in his work.


During class, Professor chose the one below and said that he liked the arrangement of the sentences. He also told me to reduce the font size as it looked too big for an A4 page. I personally liked how the alignment of the sentences worked because they looked liked they where neatly stacked on top of the other. I made it a little off centered as type generally works better when it is not centered.


I tried a number of other things but was not getting the right one which I was happy with. I asked the professor for feedback and he said that he liked the one above.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-7-46-19-pm  screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-7-30-41-pm

With the ones above, i was trying to play with the text itself, changing the color and changing the text sizes. But i was still not happy with what i had and tried other things with color for next class.


The feedback i received for this one was that it was too cliché. The idea that the word musically was colored in with the color of the volume bars was something people would think of anyway. So, for me it was not okay and so I decided to mot include it.


I was liking this one a lot because of its simplicity and its placement looked just right on the page. The feedback i received was also positive and I now had to think about the connection between the edge of the paper and the text.

I tried making another sentence which had an embedded sentence inside of it. My previous two tries failed and I had learned that the sentences need to have a meaning that is related to the whole sentence. This time, I tried my best to create a sentence that made sense. During the class critique someone chose my sentence and said that now it worked better as it had a meaning in the whole sentence. My professor referred to this as “Designer as Author”. I interpreted this as an ability that a designer has to control over how he/she wants people to read and what they should take out of their work. In a way, I think my sentence is doing it in a way that gives a warning before the reader even reads the sentence. The first thing they read is the phrase “chasing is deafening”which gives them a curiosity to read what the sentence actually says.


My other professor, however, thought it was trying to be clever and doesn’t really need to there. This was a good lesson for me as I got to learn so many things but by the end, it comes to what is really important and an “Informed Decision” that being a designer I need to consider.


Now, I only had to create something that was more simple and stop being so creative about it. So I chose two of my most simple compositions and adjusted them by measuring the distance between the start of the sentence and the edge of the page.



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