Day 6: Converging

This time, I started with more sketches. Along with that, I also started thinking about the categories global, local, vernacular, concrete and abstract. I added in specific details like the sting marks, the electric lightning and the waves of the sea.I also thought of adding some literal ways of showing an electric current through adding the plug cords.

img_20161109_044411 img_20161109_044435

For concrete, I had an idea of creating jelly fish with the water and feet with the sting to show the act of being stung. This, I thought would be concrete and as it shows exactly what the signs is about. I had a difficult time differentiating between the global and the concrete as both of them had ideas that needed to straight forward and clear and something that everyone could understand. I had to think more about this to get a clear idea and so I left the global one. For vernacular, I came across a specific type of jelly fish (blue bottle) only found in Australia so I thought this could work perfectly with what I have learned about vernacular being a language that is specific to a place.

Blue bottle jelly fish

I did some simple sketches quickly to see what can work as a good sketch to make the sign. I did not have great progress with this as I did not enjoy doing it.

img_20161109_044105 img_20161109_181135

I also tried making signs on photoshop using photographs. I liked how they turned out but these images were from the web, so they were not good for my use in the signs. However, I do think I can us them to make illustrations and so i will keep it for reference.

jelly-fish-global-sign  jelly-fish-sign



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