Day 4: Refining Ideas

For the next class, I was hoping to create some unique and creative ones on which i have put more thought on. To get inspiration I looked up quotes on the internet. I liked few them but did not really get much useful out of it.


This one looked very simple yet strong in its message. I thought that the bold text was something more important to put emphasis on and so the designer thoughtfully chose the text. The second part of the sentence is a very subtle sentence which adds to the humor in the sentence. It did not have to be bold or even the same size as the first part of the sentence. It is almost 3 times smaller that the bold text. This gives it less importance whilst giving a subtle touch to the message.

However, I found some really arbitrary texts, that had no particular reason for being used.


Both of the sentences above highlight a message that is unnecessary and makes no sense when read on its own. They were good examples of what not to do in a sentence poster.


This one, on the other hand was more meaningful and I think the designer made some smart decisions in the second half of the sentence(the white text). However, the first part(the blue text) did not have a semantic meaning.

Last class, I had noted the mention of guidelines by the professors and that they were useful in deciding where the sentence could be placed on a page. I was not sure how I would use them, but I started to realize that they did actually help in giving a visually better sentence.

These are some of my tries:


I really enjoyed how this one turned out because of its simplicity tidiness. But I later realized that the sentence itself was not working because of how the two parts were broken.


I tried to a bit more creative with my previous idea where I used “chase a hamburger” as a hidden sentence. This time it said ” A pin in a bottle”, which was not really related to my sentence but I just played with what sentences I could make within my original sentence.In the class critique, I realized that this was not really needed. It was just trying to be clever, but in reality it was not needed for this particular project.


This one also got a lot of feedback. I learned from making this one we need to think about what is important and what is unimportant in a sentence. This means that emphasising a letter like ‘a’ is something which has no meaning in itself but in my case i just thought it looked good. I realized that just ‘looking good’ wasn’t enough. Making sure that every thing that I do on my page is an ‘informed decision’ was very important. By this, it means that each and every placement of the word or letter should be carefully considered. This will ensure the best results in the end.


During and after the class, I made some quick sketches on my sentences that could have been successful if they were applied using the guides and rulers. Although I had already started playing with the guides, in this class i learned exactly what I need to do to create a good sentence. This involved the careful consideration of the distance between the letters and the end of the page, the leading between the sentences, and their alignment.

I drew some lines on the sentence that I thought could be close to what is required and thought about how I could recreate it to get a better sentence result. Overall, This class taught us the many things we need to consider that would make the type on a page visually more interesting and add to the thoughtfulness behind making the sentence.


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