Day 5: Experimentation + Creating signs

I was very excited to do this part of the project as it involved material, paint, and anything that we wanted to use.

To brain storm, I looked up some different ways in which people have created 3D jelly fish. I found some really interesting work that looked perfect for what I was going to do. However, I always have this concern about being unique and doing something no one has done before, so i didn’t necessarily want to copy the ideas. But I did get inspiration from the materials used so that I could create something different yet using similar materials.



After looking at the images above, I created this sketch which I thought I will use wire and paper to create the 3d texture.



Another idea that I had was of using glue gun to give the transparent effect of the jelly fish. I know this idea would work as i have used glue gun before and i have learned how to use it as a decorative element and something that can create dimension.



My other two ideas involved the use of actual mushrooms, which i had no idea where to find but I still had it as an option to build more ideas. I also thought of incorporating light inside the jelly fish which i still had to think how.



This was another one that I was inspired from. the wiggly textures of the tentacles looked amazing and i thought should find a way to make those using something. The first thing that came to my mind was noodles–suggested by my professor. So I made a sketch which also involved the use of other materials like plastic.


I also found some images of jelly fish to help me as reference for my drawings and illustrations.


The first thing I did to start with the material study was to gather all the possible material that I might need.


I tried the glue gun on a drawing of a jelly fish. I really liked the effect of it.



while doing the process, some water accidentally fell on my paper. I found the drop of water super cool and it even reminded me of a jelly fish. I quickly took a picture as this could be essential in later in the project.


Some other things i tried but didn’t work out were paint and stencilling. The paint would not take the shape of the stencil and would spread around it giving a very messy effect. I did not like the result because of its abstract quality but i might look at it back to refer for the abstract sign that I have to create.


I tried to incorporate light into my work. I initially did not know how i would do this, but thanks to my roommate, she had bubble wrap! I wrapped the bubble wrap around my table lamp and it gave a super nice effect. I was not sure about the yellow light thought as jelly fishes tend to be super bright white or blue. I hope I get to make something great out of these in the upcoming days.




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