Day 3: Sentence Poster

The next step was to make the sentence posters. We learned about different ways in which type can sit on a page, activating the whole space along with having an aesthetic quality. Things we had to consider were: the typeface, the type family (bold, Italics and Regular), angle, size and color.

This process was less time consuming and involved more thinking into how the sentence could sit on that page. I enjoyed making some of my composition with color as I created new sentences within the sentence.


During the class critique, we picked the 5 best ones and the 5 worst ones. At first, it was really hard for me to decide, so I chose the ones which looked good aesthetically and the ones which were different from others.


The one above was my favorite one, which had a hidden sentence ‘Chase a Hamburger’ highlighted in pink. The sentence was standing out on the page and it was something people would look at before even reading the whole sentence. During critique, I learned that the message should always have a meaning that is related to the whole sentence. Like this one for example would be good for Mc Donald’s as it says chase a hamburger. It doesn’t really work for my sentence as it has a whole different message.


This was another one that I liked but I did not get feedback for this one. For me, it is successful because it emphasizes on the last part of the sentence ‘it is musically deafening’, which is a sense is like a warning. However, i do think that it does not work in terms of composition and it is centered and the placing not well thought of.


This sentence in Arabic was also something i liked. I liked the placement and the breaks of the word as they looked like they activated the whole page. The type size might be a bit too large but I think the composition works well. The word highlighted in green says ‘Music’, and i added kashida on it to put more emphasis. Other words that I have added kashida on are also important in the sentence like الماء which means water and the word بارده  which means cold. I felt like these could be elongated because of the nature of how they are said.

These were the ones i did not like because of their placement and their random compositions.


Italicizing the sentence did not have a relationship with anything. This was very arbitrary and i had no specific reason for doing it.


This one was also a random placement but disassembled the the letters in the word deafening. I was just trying to do something new but clearly.. it did not work

Some other ones that I made:


Overall, from this class, I learned that everything that I do on the page has to have a reason. The placement of the words and the breaks of the sentences, all had to be well thought out. To help me with this, I asked a few of my friends to read out the sentence to me so I could know where they would naturally pause. This will help me to break my sentence in a more natural way, which makes more sense for the reader.


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