Day 4: Making signs (sketches)


I came up with these signs to begin with. We had a group discussion where we received feedback on what is working and what is not. today’s feedback was very helpful and I think i understand the concept of making sign better now. My peers helped me understand how I can divide the signs into the categories that we where given: Global, local, concrete, abstract and vernacular. However, overall, the whole class was getting the idea of making signs wrong and were treating the signs more like flat, traffic signs.

What I learned from today’s class was that I need to come up with two directions that I can possibly go in. So, thinking about the different categories was not the right thing yet. Being specific and adding details that will make my sign stronger are things that I have to work on. Also, dimension and depth was also something that I, along with all my class mates had to consider. Doing material study and coming up with interesting results will give us a good base to build our illustrations on.

I believe the mistake we all did was not following what we had already learned. In project 1, we were required to make things by hand to give us a variety of texture and dimension. We all just skipped this huge step and started flattening and creating signs that looked very illustrated and digital. A lesson that we all learned was to incorporate some material studies into our signs and have more room for creating better looking signs.


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