Day 2: Type setting the sentence

Type setting the sentence was one long task, which initially I had thought would take about half an hour to do, I ended up spending almost 3-4 hours in type setting them.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-49-33-am       screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-5-50-18-am

As I started, I was very slow because I was new to InDesign. I eventually grabbed pace because of the repetitive process and learned a lot through doing it. The main thing that I learned was that even a slight change in the type makes a big difference. The things that otherwise I would not have thought of like the character length, the leading, and the tracking between the words all became an important factor for each and every single one of the sentences.

By doing this activity and then printing them all out on A3 paper to see how they actually look in their actual scale, I now better understand what are the standard type ‘recipes’ that are chosen generally and why. In my process, I realized i ended up liking the ones which had 0 tracking and 45 character length for all me typefaces and font sizes. After printing them out, I saw how different they look even by the slightest of change made. The ones i liked the most were set-solid at 12/12 because they were a good scale for an A3 size paper to work with.

Arabic was a challenge for me as I did not understand the words so where I break the sentence mattered a lot. However, it was a learning experience for me as I discovered many things that I could do with Arabic that I couldn’t do in English. One of the things is the kashida. I find this option helpful in situations where we need to put emphasis on a word. In English, we would usually bold the letters or italicize them to put emphasis, but, in Arabic adding kashida can greatly help to add focus in a sentence.


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