Project 2 – Day 3 The Sign: Understanding Context

Coming up with a target audience and being specific with what we chose was our next task. At first, it was not as easy to understand this, as we were not sure how specific we had to be. I had some ideas for this and thought of coming up with three activities that were different for each of the target audience.

My first audience where beach visitors. I was recently concerned about a jelly fish attack that happened to my brother while we were on the beach in sea line. I recalled and remembered that there wasn’t a single sign throughout the whole beach t warn us about he dangerous jelly fishes. Of course everyone knows by hearing stories from others or by some other source that this place does have jelly fishes. But, I did not know that their stings can be so painful and horrifying. This was my first activity.

The other two activities followed when I started thinking about what happens at the beach and what signs I can create.

Target Audience 1: Beach visitors

Activity 1: Watch out-jelly fishes

imgres-1 imgres

No barbecue was a common sign that i have seen in many of the beaches around Qatar. So i thought of having this as my second activity.

Activity 2: No bbq / disposing charcoal on a beach

imgres-copy 1a2853ea-68a8-4f65-b0a1-1ff5cebe979aiphone_photo

The third activity was more specific to beaches in other parts of the world where there are high cliffs and danger of sudden depth of water. I looked up for signs that warned about deep water and added that to my list of activities for beach visitors.

Activity 3: Danger-deep water


My second target audience were somewhat similar but had very different activities.

Target Audience 2: park visitors 

Activity 1: Do not pluck flowers


Activity 2: Bachelors not allowed/Families only


Activity 3: Play area for kids


My third audience where Female muslims in VCUQ. I chose this audience because i know that there are certain rules for people to follow when they enter a prayer room. I believe that this was something very important that we needed in our prayer room so decided to have it.

Target Audience 3: Female Muslims in VCU

Although there is a sign which says that speaking loud is not allowed, I think that people have stopped following and sometimes cross their limits of noise.

Activity 1: Don’t Make Noise


I thought of other general ideas that were  related to prayer rooms and just found some images online which helped me look at what the existing signs look like.

Activity 2: Ablution

emory-cannon-chapel-ablution-room-crop-535x388 free-muslim-prayer-sign

This is a very common sign that is found not only in prayer rooms but also around other areas.

Activity 3: No mobile phones

imgres keep-silence


In class, we had a group discussion of what ideas we came up with. After this discussion, I was very confused about the specificity that we needed to have in choosing our audience. I started thinking that all my work was incorrect and I had to start over. I talked to one of my professors and I was relieved when he said that my audience were specific enough. However, what I learned was that it should be specific to one particular beach maybe, so I thought of using the beach that I visited and that made it specific enough.

We needed to have one sign by the end of this class so i chose the one which i felt was needed the most, so this was the jelly fish sign.

The next step was to come up with some sketches of signs. This was very challenging for me because there were a whole lot of jelly fish warning signs that already existed in the world. So, when i looked up online i was forced to use some imagery that already existed thinking that what we need to create is signs that are flat are found. I was happy about the fact that we were free to sketch by hand or on the computer as I am prefer drawing by hand as I can generate more ideas.



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