Type Project 03: Sentence

We jumped in to the next project straight away and the first thing we did was to choose some random words. The words where divided into 4 different categories– verb, adverb, noun and adjective. We had to pick 2 from each and make possible sentences out of them.


At first I thought I have got the most random set of words and I did not know how I could make a sentence out of it. Also, when my professor said that this part is probably going to be the hardest part of this project, I thought I will be spending most of my time in creating this sentence. However, it was not long before I got my first sentence. It sounded really stupid, but nevertheless, I had something to start with!


  1. Never chase a musically deafening hamburger, jumping on a cool bottle
  2. A cool hamburger jumped on a musically deafening bottle and went on a never ending chase.
  3. I chased a giant jumping hamburger which deafened a cool bottle, musically never heard.
  4. I  never chased a jumping hamburger drinking from a cool bottle, because it was musically deafening.

I spend the whole class on creating these sentences and came up with a few interesting ones. For the next stage, we were asked to type set the sentences into what the professors called “recipes” which were details about how we have to put the sentence on a page. We had to finalize one sentence and to me, it was just a matter of choosing the ones that I had already made in class.

However, a challenge for me was to get this sentence translated in Arabic as well, as the next step required us to type set the sentences in Arabic. I asked an arabic speaking friend of mine, but she was also having a difficult time translating as the sentence was very absurd in meaning and did not make much sense. She tried her best to translate it and finally I was able to move on with type setting the sentences using the recipes we were given.

I rearranged my final sentence which was the 4th one above as i was crossing the limit of 10-15 words. By the help of my classmate, I was able to get a better sounding sentence ;

NEVER CHASE A JUMPING HAMBURGER DRINKING FROM A COOL BOTTLE BECAUSE IT IS MUSICALLY DEAFENING. – this is my final sentence that I am now going to start to typeset.


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