Week 5: Finishing up…

6th Attempt-I started the same process again but, this time, I cut smaller stencils as I was thinking of using a wooden cutting board-and this board was a little smaller than the white one.


I repeated what I had done and was very quick at doing it this time. I was working much more neatly and precisely at every step.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I was really interested in the counter shapes that the carved onion letters created. I wanted to make a word with those shapes and so started doing those first-I had no intention of adding this to my poster and was only doing it for experimenting how it looks.


This was the cutting board I had bought and I couldn’t wait to see how the word turns out on this.


leftover pieces to create the word with negative spaces

In the final critique last class, my professor suggested that I take pictures of every single step. This would make it easier for me to later choose images with elements which might not be working that well.

I first started with photographing just the word. I then photographed various different compositions and finalized a few which I email to my professors to get feedback on.


I found this angle a good way to document my work as it showed depth.

The feedback I got was that they were both working well. The greens looked fine with both posters. Now it was up to me to decide which one to finalize and print. I would have gone with the wooden one only if the professor didn’t mention that he was a little partial towards the white one. Now, all I wanted to do was ask other people. After asking about 10 people, the majority selected the wooden one  including myself. So I printed the wooden one out. I also had the option of printing both of the words but I wasn’t happy with the printers in the design shop. They would not print the right color, and where way too expensive to print more than once. However, I am thinking of having a smaller version of the white board just to have some comparison between the two.



dsc_0006 dsc_0008

I wanted to add a freshness touch to my word, which I did by adding water drops in the green onions. However, adding water to the onions word did not work as the water started leaking through and was showing on the would. I had to wait until It dried to rephotograph it.



This was the final printed poster. The colors turned out fine for me but I the printer had cut off the top section of my poster. I was frustrated at this point as the printing took two hours to complete. I have no time left for printing again.

photo-from-nimrah-kabiruddin-1 photo-from-nimrah-kabiruddin

I have learned from this process next time I should make sure the file is perfect when I send it to print in the design shop. I am not even sure if I will depend on the design shop for printing anymore. As this was the only option for me as I live in the dorms, I will consider being more prepared next time.

This is how my word looks now, after a day of keeping out in the sun.



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