Week 4-Part 2

On my 5th attempt in carving onions, I was much more confident and I knew what I had to do for each step. I had learned from my mistakes and critiques that I received. After the previous class, my professor had given me a special knife which was very sharps and many times better than an xacto. It was a scallop knife and was much thinner and smaller than an xacto. So I basically had three different knifes for producing one result. One was the actual knife, the other was the fake knife-which is used in a kitchen and the other one was to cut big shapes out of the onions.

Knife I used for the image
Knife I used to cut the onions before I carved them.










I was more organized this time and had all my tools kept neatly so I wont waste time in finding them when I am carving. One thing I have realized is that the onions change texture real fast, because of which I have to increase my speed.

My work space



After the critique last class, the professors also suggested taking pictures of the random onion peels that are spread when I am in the process of making. This was the main problem I had to solve-to make it look random. Taking pictures of the peels really helped my as they were naturally in that position and when I compose the word in the end I can use these pictures as reference to how and where I can put the onion peels.


img_20161012_052959646               img_20161011_221935684


The previous onion word-decaying

I had left the previous word in the fridge for two days and the result was disgusting! the onions had turned green and I had to throw them away as I have onions become poisonous when they are kept outside for a while.

This time, carving did not take much time as I had all the tools like stencils, pins and my knife ready to cut. My only concern was to figure out the best way to place my other elements to make the context as natural looking as possible.

Some interesting parts of the onion
A random onion peel – interesting shape!




I tried putting chopped onions in a pile , and placed the peels randomly on the board. I also took some left over pieces from the carving and put them on the board.


I also added a new element to the context of my word-spring onions! I had a hard time placing these on the board as I wasn’t sure if they go well with my word. I knew that the colors were looking much better with the green, but, I had a feeling it might have been too much.



During the class critique, professor mentioned that everything was working great except the green-which he said was a little too much. He said that it was starting to get distracting and shifted the focus away from the word. For me, this meant that I had to rephotograph it, which was not possible as the onions would have changed their texture by now. Luckily though, I had not thrown them and so went back as quickly as possible to rephotograph it.


This is how it looked when I went back and rephotographed it. I realized the letter ج was looking so strange and different from all the letters. This was probably because I had done it first before everything else and just to make sure it stays fresh, I had put it in the fridge-A big mistake I made :(. The fridge made is loose it moisture and because of that it was more soggy and had such a drastic color change. I knew after this, that I had to do this one more time…but I was ready for it as I couldn’t see this as being my final poster.

During the process, I notices the beautiful negative spaces created when I carved the letters. I tried to bring them back together and I was loving how they turned out.



I found these more interesting than the actual one, but these were much harder to read and were not as clear as the other one. But I still consider them as being super interesting and that’s why I wanted to inlcude it in my process.


I found a perfect place to photograph my word-the common balcony in the dorms! It had perfect lighting and clean white tables which were coincidentally what I had needed.


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