Mural painting!!

This class was a surprise to me as we were told that we will be painting a wall. Painting? Very unexpected.  I was so excited to know what it was that we were going to paint wanted to get started straight away. However, this was a slow process, where we first were put in groups. In these groups, we proposed different ideas for the mural and selected which one turned out the best. We then showed these to the professors to get their feedback on our designs.

To me, this process was very helpful as I was not having any great ideas. So what I did first was I looked at all the patterns that I had made previously in this class and the other classes. Some were interesting to me but most of them were not. To help me with this, I asked my group mates to choose the ones they liked the most.


They all chose these two designs and thought they were unique and very interesting. I personally really liked the first one because of its simplicity and Symbol-like design. however, the second one looked way more complicated and disturbing to me. As far as I remember, this was created by mistake which my Professor calls as “Happy accidents”.

Ebi, one of my group members, wanted to work with the first one so I sent the file to her. I thought of playing with the one I did not like and see if I could make it something more interesting. Everyone shared their designs through a shared folder online. By this, we could play with what others have created. I enjoyed this idea very much because sometimes working with your own work can be quite boring.

These were the results:

Ebi’s Design using my simple experiment
Samia’s Experiment with multiple designs
Latifa’s Design with her scans and other abstract shapes
Samia’s Design

This was a very interesting design that she came up with. It was actually two different designs and we discovered that when they are put together one below the other, they give an illusion effect which looked super interesting.

Dominoes pattern made by Latifa
Sketching a proposal of design

All of us decided that the dominoes pattern was something we wanted to do. So we started sketching our idea.


screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-30-04-pm screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-29-56-pm  screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-29-48-pm

After gathering all the work from our group, we went to the professors to get feedback. They really liked the dominoes design and and told us to move forward with it. We had to present three of our proposals to the class and we chose the dominoes design, Latifa’s design with her scans and a design which was a combination of mine and Samia’s work. After the presentation with the class, everyone chose the domino pattern so we went with it.

These were some extra patterns that we made



Experimenting with my type project to create a design.
The second design proposal


Next class, we started to think of how we will draw the pattern. We had two options. First was to project our design using the projector and the second option was to measure all the lengths of the dominoes as well as the gaps between them and the borders to give us an accurate measurement of the design. We chose the second option as we had only one projector and 6 other groups waiting for it. I think this was a very smart decision taken by our group which saved time and was turning out to be more precise.

Measuring the illustrator file

Latifa and I started to take the measurements from the illustrator file and sketched it out. This helped us a lot in understanding our design.

img-20161008-wa0004  img-20161008-wa0003

This took us a while to figure out as we had to consider the large scale of the wall as compared to the tiny size of the screen that we were working on. After figuring out the exact dimensions, we finally started taping the wall. We found taping the easiest and quickest method as compared to stencilling which was the other option.

img-20161009-wa0030  img-20161009-wa0036

We faced other problems when we started taping. We realized that some of us where not using the exact measurements which resulted in inaccuracy of the lines. As a result of that we had to redo a lot of the taping.


Our DIY tripod!-To record process

img_20161009_104756140     img_20161009_110148856

Painting didn’t take us that long as everyone loves painting and so everyone equally contributed to it. Things we had to make sure of when we painted were:

  • removing any air bubbles under the tape
  • painting in thin layers
  • covering the dots on the mural
Samia finishing up the final touches.


This is our final result after taping and we were proud very proud of the result. The only thing left was to remove the tape and we were all ready for it-until our professors gave a twist. The twist was to add COLOR! This changed our intention of removing the tape and we started thinking of were and which color do we add. We had some great ideas but most of them did not seem to go with the idea of dominoes. I felt like we needed simpler colors and something very subtle to go with idea of the simple dominoes effect we had on the wall.

Some of our ideas were:

  • a maze which would fit in the negative spaces of the dominoes
  • A gradient effect
  • random colored dominoes

We were still not happy with our ideas and even the professors didn’t agree with our proposals. That’s when we got help from the professor with an idea of the music equalizer design. My glasses had a similar design which my professor showed to me as reference to what he was trying to say.

I found an image on the internet which would fit with our design.

We kept the design and the colors simple and proposed our final design. Our professors approved the design and next class we will begin to add the color.

Final color design

In the next class, we added more tape to help us add color. Ebi colored the ball, but it was not perfect the first time so she repainted it a couple of times. In the end we decided we will make a stencil of the ball and then paint. This would allow us to get a smooth textures on the ball.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-8-43-33-pm   whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-9-42-42-pm

After painting in all the blue, I noticed other people taking off their tapes and then realizing their mistakes of using a lot of paint. When we painted ours, we were very careful at first, but later we began to do it faster, putting blobs of paint at a time. This made me very nervous about how it would turn out when we remove the tape. We asked our professor, she said let’s try removing one of them, and if that one is perfect, chances are the other ones will also be the same.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-9-42-55-pm     whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-9-42-58-pm

The one she removed turned out perfect and we couldn’t wait to remove all the tape to see how it all actually looks.

This was our final product with all the tape removed. We had to fix some areas by  adding white.





ADD–––––our team– by this point had all got distracted from the mural and no one cared about finishing it any longer. We asked Samia to paint the circle but she wasn’t able to get the perfect circle. In the end I decided I will do the circle and paint on the wall.



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