Week 4- Killing More Onions!


In my 4th attempt of cutting onions, I found that using the bigger onions worked way better than the small ones in terms of precision and size of the word. It was in some sense easier to work with as I had more room to cut. I thought this time, I would photograph all the letters separately and and photoshop them together. I used a black background so that I can later crop it out.



The letters, as you can see were turning out much better and with more precision.

I kept the finished letters in the freezer just so that they wouldn’t loose there texture.   

After completing each letter, I photographed them using the black background and set up a good lighting in my kitchen.





My DIY photo studio

I used a table lamp and the exhaust light in the kitchen as my two bright light sources. To help with capturing the whole image, I used a small rack to stand on.

I found the shadows of this letter really interesting 


This is the photoshopped version of my word, which turned out really bad. I was not at all happy with its composition and lighting. This was a good lesson for me, and I knew through doing this, that photoshop was the worst thing to use to create my word.


This was the ‘Natural’ version of my word which composed together on the cutting board. I was happy to go with this for next class, and ready for any critique for making my word better.

In the critique, I mentioned the fact that the context of my word looks forced and the placements don’t seem right. That’s when the professors said that they looked forced because the elements in my image are not how they would usually be.  For example, the onion peels are never kept so neatly and arranged in a corner of the cutting board. This helped me a lot in terms of knowing how to improve my next attempt at making my word.

The suggestion of having the peels placed randomly on the cutting board made so much more sense and I thought this was the only thing I now needed to do to make a successful poster. Through all these tiny improvements that I am making, I have realized I am starting to become a master of onion carving! In a way I am glad that I chose onions, as that will help me get better with my chopping skills for my Indian dishes-My mom is surely super proud of me for choosing this!


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