Finalizing The Word- Week 2

In the beginning of the week, we started by learning about kerning. Kerning is the space between two letters. What I understood from my professors was that it was used only in headings and phrases used in posters which are big sized or uppercase letters. For example the space between the letters ft is very less. Kerning between these two letters is required as they are way to close to each other. The same goes with the r and n in the word kerning. They are very close to each other and they need  more space. Our professors explained it by saying that ‘the letters need space to breathe’.

These were my notes on kerning the word:

img_20161011_193600   img_20161011_193540img_20161011_193610

As I was just taking notes on it, I did not get time to try it myself after which I went home and tried kerning an English word. Arabic also required kerning, which was called ‘kashida’. We would learn about this later in our project.

Kerned word



Next class, we talked about choosing the right word and started thinking about their context. By now, we had to have 5 words with their opposite word along with an idea of what we can imagine the word made of.


In class, we were told that we should use the type face that would work the best with the word and its meaning. For example, the word serious could be used in a type face that looked like it was written using a type writer. This suggests the fact that the act of typewriting is something serious and something like this would go with the context of the word.

When I thought about my word, which most probably was going to be جميل, I thought I could use the typeface which was very beautiful and reminded me of henna- the kufi LT.Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 5.10.11 PM.png


Writing out all my 10 words with their synonyms and antonyms helped me understand the contexts of all the words. Writing the antonyms especially helped me to understand how I can juxtapose the word with its context. As juxtaposition can be one of the best ways to make a poster intriguing, I believe I will try to work with this idea to get them best outcome.


For next class, we had to do a material study using things that would potentially work with our word. We had to finalize one word that we were going to use to create the poster. I chose the word Jameel and and started to play with the idea of beautiful and attractiveness. These were the synonyms of the word Jameel so I decided to make something ugly out of something that is beautiful. I was very confused in the beginning as to what will be the best way to work. I thought of using henna for my first experiment however I was unsure if I should make it beautiful or the opposite or should I use a beautiful material to make something ugly… I was just not getting what the project requirement is. Hopefully, next class, I will be able to get the answers to my questions and be more clear about the project.





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