Type-setting the words

After collecting all the definitions, synonyms and antonyms, we type-set each word 10 times in 10 different typefaces. We then printed them all out and arranged them in the hall. When all of them were put together, we observed many different things and discussed about them. Some of these differences were:

  1. Arabic words were generally bigger than the English words
  2. Arabic words covered more space in the page
  3. Some English letters behave differently when with another letter. For example in the word Chaotic, the i and the t have less space between them compared to other letters in the word.
  4. Some letters had ligatures, meaning that they connected with each other.
Arranging letters in the hallway   img_20160926_100304718        
Top view of all the words


t and i are closer than other letters
r and f are closer than other letters
Observing and making notes on other words
My observation on the arabic word Jameel




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