Stage 2: Making my Avatar

Next, we started by illustrating tiny objects and making our own Avatar.





I was surprised at how fast I completed 4 illustrations and even loved how they turned out. I had never illustrated objects realistically in a digital way. So this was a new learning experience for me.

Making my own avatar was also very interesting. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make it literal, but I then thought I would improve it later on so I just did an illustration of my self with my veil.


What have I learned so far?

Before coming to VCU Qatar, Design technology was a subject which I had known as something where you design 3D spaces. Knowing that I had this subject was part of my Graphic design course I was confused about what it will be about. As we were introduced to the course, I was very excited about its content, which was very open and sounded like a lot of fun.

The first project that we did involved using a scanner in a way I had never even thought of. I knew there would be many things that I would learn in this class and so always looked forward for Sunday!

In just two weeks, I learned so much of illustrator from the projects that we were asked to do. The projects were very simple and open and let us explore illustrator in whatever way we want. It helped me to get faster at illustrator with using simple tools, which will be a very useful skill to have during the future projects.

Exploring simple shapes and creating others from those shapes helped me understand how even a simple shape can be used to create complex and interesting looking shapes.

A new word that I came across during a class discussion was the word Iteration. This means that we keep creating new shapes from one basic shape in the beginning. This gives different results every time and gives a variety of shapes and forms to choose from.




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