Week 7-I guess that’s it!

img_20160929_111006891    img_20160929_110939187

From last class’ critique, I learned a lot from listening to other people getting feedback from their work. I also gave another student feedback on her poster – the one on the right. I said the she has to create a back ground and foreground relationship as it felt like it was very flat. To help with that, I said she could add depth by adding shadows to some of the objects. I couldn’t think of anything else at that moment so I didn’t help her much. However, later I got an idea of maybe trying to hang some objects from the ceiling so some objects could pop out of the wall.

After the critique, I quickly wrote a reflection of what I learned that day. I wrote how it was helpful and how it was not in someways.


I started the poster again on a new page. I took high resolution photos with my camera. Most of the times, because my objects where too small, it was very hard to photograph them. I took a picture of the book at an angle and tried various different angles. After looking through all the pictures that I had taken, I found one that looked very interesting because of its blurred texture so I decided to use it.

dsc_0024    screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-8-53-54-am

I added a part of my object to see how it works. I thought it worked very well and thought of adding more of the object into my poster. Other new elements that i added where; the footsteps, the earring design and text with the chalk duster type face. I preferred using my handwriting more so I changed it later on.


I also tried scanning the book but i didn’t really like the flatness of it when it was scanned. However, the scanned hands looked pretty cool with light and dark areas so I thought of using them.


After working a lot on the poster, I was very confused on what objects to choose and what not to. I went back to the experiments that I made and found other things that could work in my poster. The cracked eggshell, the tiny showpiece on the foreground and the pearl necklace were new things that I added. For my final poster, I think these were the objects that I wanted to use and was content with what I had.

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-42-03-pm     img_20161004_234259858img_20161002_205132759   img_20161002_213652865

I printed and tiled the work again. The critique this time was about me talking about my own work. The first thing I said was about my background. After asking a few friends before class i felt like my background was too much for the poster. Some of them said it was changing the focus from the object to the background and I wasn’t sure if that was okay which is why I mentioned it first. However, I was wrong and the professors said that  it was working well. The thing that I was missing in my poster was some light. I realized my intent was not very clear, which also showed when I was talking about my work because I couldn’t explain what my intent was. The next stage was the final poster so i had to rethink carefully about my poster and figure out what my intent actually was. I asked me classmate to help me to understand this better.


screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-52-50-pm  screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-48-30-am   screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-15-24-am

I made a few more posters with different backgrounds to see if a lighter background works better. It didn’t really work but I got a great idea from one of them which had a bright light behind the lamp, adding a sense of illumination in the poster.


I went back to my description that I had written earlier in this project and figured out what I was missing in my poster. I am adding my description below to make more sense about what I am saying:

A spark of flame illuminates a lamp, in a place with no lights.
The Shama (oil lamp) shaped like a goblet belonged to my mother’s childhood home. My grandfather was a great collector of them which date back to the 1970s. They lived in a small town which was known to have an amazing collection of these little burning goblets. I have always noticed it on my grandfather’s shelf and was fascinated by its intricate mechanism. To my surprise, it turned out to be a very efficient burner, which I initially had thought of as a showpiece made just for the shelves. The way the Shama works is by filling it with oil in a little container attached to a wick which produces light enough for a whole big room. I was attracted to it so much that I decided to bring it with me to Qatar. The lantern had been used by my mother and her siblings every time the electricity was cut off power shut down. This was a very common happening at that time, especially in the area where my mother lived. What makes it so special for me is that it belongs to my grandfather who I am always reminded of when I look at it. Now, after all these years, it has not only become a part of our shelves, but has also made a place in my heart. A memory of my grandfather, and a page from my mother’s life… the ever glowing light of their house.

After rereading it, I almost felt like I gave a new home to this object, which is where everyone can see it. It has become more special to me and I am very proud that I chose it.

Now I can say that my intent here is to convey the fact that the lamp is illuminating a dark place which is the burned book. The objects define aspects of the oil lamp such as its luminosity (the candle) , fragile nature (egg shells), the relationship that it has with my mother and her father (the hands), the fact that it is a showpiece (the flower vase), a decorative element (earrings) and that it reminds us of the past(footprints).

Overall, I believe I have learned a lot from this project and every step that i took, took me forward. Even the mistakes that I did turned out to be helpful by the end as they helped me to go back and reread my description. This is the final and the previous version of my poster and I can see that the glow at the back has made all the difference. The placement also works well along with the text. I am glad I can finally say that’s it!


P.S. The printed version was way darker than the actual one and the yellows where too yellow. Looks like a different poster!


That shouldn’t have happened 😦


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