Week 5-6- Making posters

These where my first few tries in getting started with the poster. I wasn’t very confident with what I had made and definitely knew that I had a long way to go. After the critique in class by our professors, I had a better idea of what I was going to make. Some of the things they mentioned where; creating depth in the poster, creating a hook-having one element in the poster which attracts a viewer, having contrast and many other things.

3rd  1st    2nd

To help us understand better, they showed us the work of senior students. What I realized after looking at their work was that their posters where more simple as well effective. However, the criteria for their project was different so our final result won’t necessarily look the same as theirs as we have 10 objects to include in our poster, which means there will be less empty spaces.

img_20161004_232034  img_20161004_232009 img_20160926_135722154

For next class, we created a few more posters and this time I was happy with what I had made and was expecting good feedback. The critiques that I received where something that I did not expect and I realized I should always be prepared for all kind of feedback. A few things I learned from the critique where; Things should not be centered in a poster, Too much sugar!- objects should not be competing with one another, creating a better contrast and the type face should always be small- not dominating the poster.

6th img_20161004_2342184794th 5th screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-5-53-07-am

After class, I had asked my professor. I received some positive feedback as well as got answers to some questions that I had. I was not sure about the background if it was too much for a poster, however after talking to him, I was happy to know that it wasn’t and was more confident about what I what I had to do next.

The next poster we had to make was to be tiled. This method was used to see our poster in large scale before printing in an actual A1 size paper. To improve my poster, I knew what I had to do from all the critiques that I received. I started again on a new page adding all the objects that I wanted to use in my poster. I tried to use a different angle of the burned book however it did not work so started again.7th

The first thing I changed in my new poster was the centered silhouette of my object. I shifted it towards the right and added contrast in the other objects. I played a lot with the colors and placement of the objects. I was working with the poster for quite a while and I realized how different it looked by the end. To add depth to my poster, I added another layer of the book in the foreground and I think it worked pretty good.


I printed it out using the tiling method and we had a critique in class. I received feedback from about 13 people and realized the poster was not quit there yet. I believe having critiques really helps especially if we get it from more one person. Everyone has a different view and way of looking at things. The most important things I had to change where; the high contrast of the hands, the silhouette was too obscure, some objects appeared very random, the colors where not working well and the poster was too dark.

img_20160928_072645212   img_20160928_091834835


I now had a lot of things to work and am glad I received so much feedback. The improved version was also to be tiled and after that was the final poster. Even though we had spent 6 weeks on this project, the time on experimenting was more than the time we got for making the poster. I felt like it was going too fast but at time same time I was proud to see my poster improving day by day.


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