Week 5- Converging!

So as I talked about in my previous post, we now moved to refining our experiments and converging them towards our object.  These are all of my experiments up until now and by the end I have chosen the 10 best ones that I will then used to create my poster.


To help us understand the concept of icon, index and symbol, we were asked to create representations of 10 icons, 10 indexes and 10 symbols. When the professors explained about them in class, it sounded fine and I thought I could do it. However, I realized that symbols and indexes are actually very difficult to differentiate. To help with this, we brought in a few experiments to show what we understood about them. After the class, I realized that most of the things I made where either indexes or icons. The only problem for me now was to understand what symbols actually are.

We talked to the professor about this difficulty and he simplified it for us. He said symbols are something that are agreed by a group of people and he gave the example of alphabets. This started making more sense now and I had a better understanding of what I was supposed to do.

Burning a book!



Initially I did not expect anything amazing to happen when the book burnt. To be honest, burning the book took a lot of patience. Yes. This book had about 400 pages and was pretty old with a rough printed paper. It took about 20 minutes to burn because of its thickness and wasn’t looking that great as you can see in the picture above. After some time had passed, I tried to stop the fire as I thought nothing would be left if I leave it burning. So I closed the book and started hitting it with a stick to stop the flame. After I blew all the ashes, surprisingly, the result was astonishing and I knew I had something great to work with.


First attempt at representing the keyword ‘Burnt’.





Finger Print, an icon for ‘mystery’.



This was my second attempt at representing mystery using my foot print.



      img_20160917_171318         img_20160917_182349                                          This was another fun experiment that I really enjoyed making. The word for this was relationship and my goal was to create two hands which are holding each other, which index the word relationship.

Final image of the two hand holding each other




My first attempt on representing ‘Relationship’






This was a very confusing experiment that I had done. I was not sure if it was an index or not but the idea was that I disassembled a Rubix cube and shattered it on a page. This was to show the word ‘shattered’.


An icon for candle






An index for the word ‘Light’
Icon for the word ‘Stained’



img_20161004_234134873      img_20161004_234124142


After creating the icons, indexes and symbols, we got together in groups to discuss which ones where working and which ones were not. We did this by displaying all the work together on a table and seeing which ones stood out the most. My classmates helped me choose the 10 best objects which were required for the next step, making the poster!


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