Week 3 and 4

The next step to this project was to create 40 more experiments using the definitions of the keywords.

By this point, I was starting to understand  what the professors where actually looking for in our work. I realized that I was required to do experiments with different mediums to understand the keyword better and in different ways. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the amount of work we where asked to create, however, I believe it just became easier and easier the more I did it.

These are some of the examples from the 40 experiments:

Keyword: Mystery
Historic Queen Cleopatra’s model – My interpretation of the word Historic.

This one was a reinterpretation of the word fragile. In my first attempt, I used an image of broken egg shells. In this one, I broke an old bulb to show the word fragile.

Second interpretation
First interpretation

One of my keyword’s definition was frozen. The keyword was ‘jammed’ and when I looked up the definition it said something that is unable to move. A synonym for this word was frozen so I decided to create something that looked frozen. Here, I used a chemistry experiment to crystallize sugar over a period of 2 days, which gave me an amazing object which clearly looked frozen.

Keyword: Frozen
Keyword: Weak
40 Completed experiments

Up till now, we were diverging from our object and trying to create as many things as possible. I had a total of approximately 80+ experiments and the next step was to converge. At first I was unsure about what this meant, but it basically meant that we had to now create more relevant experiments which are refined. For the next stage, we were asked to converge our work into 3 different categories; icons, symbols and index. I will talk more about this in my upcoming post so stay tuned!


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