Project 002 : Word – Week 1


From letters to now making a word. I was starting to understand how we are gradually learning the basic elements of typography to get an idea of letters and words that as designers we need to visualize as shapes. The first project helped us understand different letters Arabic and English and by the end we no longer looked at them like letters. Through this project, I believe, we will start treating words as shapes which will then give a different meaning through the context we create.

The first step to begin was understanding the words. This was both Arabic and English. For this, I started with the library first. I collected all the dictionaries and translations from arabic to English and started looking for the words and their definitions.

img_20160919_100818022 img_20160919_100936223

Research from the dictionary


Research from the dictionary

After that, I looked for definitions from the inbuilt dictionary on the laptop. These were much easier to understand. Nevertheless, I took all the definitions that I found wrote them on a separate page.



The next step was to start thinking about the context of the words. We had to choose 10 words that we wanted to use. 5 of them were Arabic and 5 were latin.

Latin words:



The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about bitter was dark chocolate. I have hated dark chocolate since childhood because of its bitter taste. However, if I where to use bitter in my poster I would use milk chocolate as it will juxtapose with the word. Other things that come to my mind are coffee, bitter gourd and goose berries.


I can imagine pills as something dismal. Also, the dull grey color of a cloudy day can be linked to being something dismal.


I can imagine a messy table with neatly arranged pencils or pens in the word chaotic.


A book with glasses and the word made using watches.


I thought of lizards and spiders as they are very repulsive.

Arabic words:

حلاوة (Saccharine)

I can imagine candies used to make the word.

To understand better, I asked an arabic speaking classmate to translate the word to me in her way. Some things that she mentioned where; sweet, sweet dish, relates to something sweet or women accesories. She also said that in when it combines with another word the meaning changes to heart filled with faith. An interesting thing that I found out about saccharine was that it was specially used for Zero calorie sugar.


سعادة (Cheerful)

Arabic translation: happiness, anything that makes you feel joy and happy.

ترتيب (Tidy)

Arabic translation: neat and tidy,   to organize, coodinate, harmonize, arrange

مزاح (Hilarious)

I imagined a clown’s pattern which creates the word hilarious.

Arabic translation: making fun of , joking kidding, humor and pranks

جميل (Adorable)

Something made using henna. Also, a juxtaposition would be the word Jameel written using honey and ants coming towards it. This would show attraction in an unpleasing way.


Arabic translation: beautiful, adjective of something beautiful, favor for someone, One of the names of Allah

Source of Translations:

The reason why I chose most of these words was that my mother tongue is Urdu which is, to an extent a very similar language to Arabic. Some of the words in Urdu are also used in Arabic and so by choosing the ones which were also a word in Urdu made my task of understanding the word a little bit easier. An example of a word in urdu is the word حلاوة(halawa) which is almost exactly the same as the Urdu word which is حلوة (halwa). I found this method easier to narrow my search for the 5 Arabic words that I had to choose.

The process of imagining these words in a physical material helped me further to get more ideas of what I can choose as my word. The most interesting one for me is the arabic word Jameel, which has various different meanings which include; attractive, beautiful, adorable etc. I thought I could do a lot of different things with this one word and so was heading towards it.



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