Country Research



  • Island nation of Africa
  • located in the indian ocean
  • port louis – largest city
  • The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox.
  • 1.296 million population
Island of Mauritius
The marine habitat

Top 5 facts about Mauritius:

  • 1. Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa and the 17th most densely populated country in the world.
  • 2. Among all developing countries, Mauritius has the highest life expectancy at 73 years.
  • 3. The legendary dodo bird was found only in Mauritius before it became extinct.
  • 4. Despite its extinction, the dodo remains Mauritius’ national animal.
  • 5. While many countries consider it polite to receive gifts with both hands, Mauritians prefer to receive things with the right hand only.

    People of Mauritius
The Dodo bird




  • world’s largest nation
  • Famous for St Petersburg’s ballet companies
  • Baroque winter palace
  • 143.5 million population
  • Capital- Moscow
  • National Animal- Brown bear
Saint Petersburg’s ballet companies
Brown bear

Top 5 facts about Russia:

  • 1. World’s Longest Railway: The entire journey non-stop will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes to complete.
  • 2. World’s Largest McDonalds: The country is home to the largest McDonalds restaurant in the world. With 700 seats. A larger building, seating 1,500, was constructed for the 2012 Olympics in London, England but it was a temporary location and was dissembled six weeks after the doors opened (once the Olympics had come to an end).
  • 3. Women vs. Men: There are approximately 10 million more women in Russia than there are men. The imbalance was initially believed to the result of so many men dying during World War II.
  • 6. Largest Country by Area: Russia is the largest country in the world by area. It’s total area is 17,075,400 square kilometers and it covers more than a ninth of the Earth’s land area. 
  • 7. Home to Many Billionaires: Moscow has more



  • capital- Islamabad
  • population- 182.1 million
  • languages, urdu, pashto, hindi, Balochi
  • North Pakistan has a gorgeous mountainous location which includes – kashmir, Sawat, etc. this place is known for it natural beauty.

Top 5 facts about Pakistan:

  1.  Highest Mountain Ranges In The World
  2. Pakistan is home to some of the world’s highest mountain ranges. They include the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush range, in which four mountains out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world are located. K-2, the world’s second highest peak, is also located in Pakistan.
  3. Largest Ambulance Network in the World
  4. Edhi – largest ambulance network in the world
  5. One of the Largest Deserts In The World 
    The Thar Desert
    Mountain ranges of Pakistan



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