Project 1 : Stage 1


Black objects. For the second class, we started by bring black objects and markers for a new technique of scanning that we learned. This method was called drag and scan and it basically meant we had to drag along with the scan.


To start with, we wrote our names on paper in different styles and media. I wrote my different languages; Arabic, Hindi and English.

I really liked how this one turned out and I decided to use adobe capture to covert it into a vector.

These were some of the scans that I made. They were super interesting and I had a lot of fun doing it. These scans where due in two hours before the afternoon class. At first I was stressed about the amount of scans-30, which I thought was too much for a start. As I have never used this technique before, it seemed difficult in the beginning. However, I was wrong. I had so much fun doing it, I did not realize when I completed 30.


Next, we used these scans to create patterns on illustrator using effects such as transform, zigzag etc.




During class, everyone wrote about what they liked about other patterns.

Some critique that I received was that I had a lot of rotation effects as you can see from the images. When I had done them, I did not think that it was a bad thing to have. I was actually quite proud of what I created. However, a lot of people thought it was repetitive and I needed to try different effects and techniques.

We did a total of 100 patterns which I can say was exciting at the beginning, but as I progressed, I was running out of ideas and kept using the same methods again and again. Some I believe, came out really well and those ones where the ones I tried to do something different. They are blurred one and also the simple ones which did not involve any effects.

For the next class, we were asked to create two grids, with shapes like circles, triangles and squares and had to make iterations of the shapes. One grid would have effects and the other one was without effects, with limitations like only using three shapes, not transparency and no transforming. How I interpreted this assignment was that I thought we have to make better shapes each time we progress. So, I made more and more complex shapes by the time I reached the end. What we were required to do was actually making ‘iterations’, which meant that we went back to the original shape each time and make slight changes to the shape. This would lead to various different versions of the original shape. This was something many logo designers would use to finalize a specific logo.

czdal ahkrt

These were some interesting shapes that I came up with:






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