Week 2- Getting there!

I was struggling a lot with the 50/50 black and white and wasn’t quite getting there. I still made a few interesting ones which I really liked but had to work on more to get it right.


Along with the digital sketches, we also needed to have a few hand-made ones to help us understand how the process works. I used the tracing paper method to do this.


I created more work to figure out which letters work best. In this step, I also tried to align the letters together to make them look like a puzzle. In this one, I arranged the ن and the ه in a way that would fit the dot of the ن with the negative space of the ه.



In the next class we put up the work we have done so far to receive critique from our professors.


This critique was very helpful, and I learned a lot from other students’ work. We knew which ones worked and which ones didn’t and it was just a matter of making more of them.



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