Image Categories And Their Details


  1. super imposed
  • Quality-Realistic/Super imposed.
  • Content-Image of a street super imposed with a train.
  • Meaning- Artist Michael Hughes takes photos of souvenirs superimposed on the tourist attractions that they represent.


  • Persuasive-10%
  • Poetic-70%
  • Pragmatic-20%


  • Location-Tourist place, audience is everyone.
  • Era- 21st Century-2008. It references to the souvenir which might be a form of a major public transport in that place.
  • Value- To represent the place to show to the world.


  • Quality-Realistic Close-up.
  • Content-Close-up image of a tiger’s eye, with blurred sides to make the focus towards the eye.
  • Meaning-Displays a tiger’s strength in terms of its concentration, focus and an aggressive nature.
  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-30%
  • Pragmatic-70%
  • Location-From animal welfare organizations.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Used as reference to study the tiger eye, or for drawing.


3.ancient pictogram

  • Quality-Abstract/organic illustration
  • Content-Ancient writing in the form of pictographs.
  • Meaning-Communicates important information about crops and farm related things. This also includes tax information.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-50%
  • Pragmatic-50%


  • Location-Mesopotamia
  • Era- About 5000 years ago.
  • Value- A very important tool used for communicating.


GPS navigation in smartphone

  • Quality- GPS navigation
  • Content-map information that lets you navigate around.
  • Meaning-Used by everyone as an effective navigation tool.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-From animal welfare organizations.
  • Era- About 5000 years ago.
  • Value- A very important tool used for communicating.


5.polar bear painting

  • Quality-Hyper realistic painting.
  • Content-Illustration of a polar bear and its new born cubs on an iceberg.
  • Meaning-Shows the love of a mother, how she guards and protects her children.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-50%
  • Pragmatic-50%


  • Location- From a hyper realistic artist.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Shows contemporary interest in hyper-realism.

6.salvador dali

  • Quality-Abstract/Surrealism.
  • Content-A broken egg and its yolk used as an object that represents the sun.
  • Meaning-Has a dream-like or imaginary meaning which is open to different interpretations.  To me it gives a meaning of the egg as a symbol of birth or beginning, which can relate to a sunrise or beginning of the day.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-100%
  • Pragmatic-0%


  • Location- In a museum as part of Dali’s artwork.
  • Era- Early 20th century.
  • Value- Part of the surrealism movement.

Type As Image


  • Quality-Abstract
  • Content-Letters as living organisms that are being operated. they have flesh and bones that show this.
  • Meaning-Part of an exhibition called “The Evolution of Type”.Here, the letters are represented as living organisms that have lives, along with blood, flesh and bones.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-100%
  • Pragmatic-0%


  • Location-Exhibition.
  • Era- 21st century.
  • Value- Gives an impression of letters being important.


  • Quality-Real
  • Content-citrus fruits used as type to make the word juicy using 4 different fruits.
  • Meaning-Gives a refreshing feel because of the fruits used.


  • Persuasive-100%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-0%


  • Location-In a Restaurant or juice stall.
  • Era- 21st century.
  • Value- Advertising



  • Quality-Repeated linear patterns
  • Content-Arches inside a mosque.
  • Meaning-Displays the Islamic architecture.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-Madina, Saudi Arabia.
  • Era- Early 21st century.
  • Value- to beautify the mosques interior.


  • Quality-Organic illustration
  • Content-Repeated floral patterns.
  • Meaning-A pattern very commonly used in Indian henna designs.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-India
  • Era- Patterns like these are very old and where used from a long time in Indian and Arab culture
  • Value- Displays traditional touch of ancient indian designs.


  • Quality-Realistic/funny meme
  • Content-A baby’s expression where he is trying to smile while being sad or angry. The type on the image gives a meaning to it.
  • Meaning- A funny representation of how students or other people try to stay positive at work.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-Social media.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Entertainment


  • Quality- Real.
  • Content-Shows a cute cat with text saying what the cat is thinking.
  • Meaning-The straight forward expression of the cat goes perfectly with the text making the meme very true.


  • Persuasive-0%
  • Poetic-0%
  • Pragmatic-100%


  • Location-Social Media.
  • Era- 21st century
  • Value- Entertainment






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